Transit UE ⁄ 97 Series

There are two models within this series – the UE and the 97. Transit UE is a smaller compliment to the SuperTransit. The operation exerts thrusts in both ways to ensure a safe and reliable movement is made. The motor is kept under control at all times. The Transit UE would be an ideal model for hospitals, wards and so on.

The Transit 97 is a powerful and versatile option for operating various swing doors in heavy and intensive conditions. It can out perform well beyond the limit of other operators. The opening and closing stages are fully controlled by the electric motor, with an integrated microprocessor, for safe and reliable operation. It would be the ideal application for extreme weather conditions, such as winds, storms, etc.

Quick Specs:

  • Dimensions: 116 X 127 X 560 or 116 X 127 X 800
  • Maximum Range w⁄1000mm-long wing: 100 or 250 Kg
  • Opening Speed: 3 to 5 secs or 2 to 5 secs
  • Closing Speed: Set at about 70% of full speed for opening or 4 to 8 secs adjustable



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