• ADS MasterMatic ‘P’ Type Automatic Swing Gate Barrier


    The ADS Mastermatic Pty Ltd “P” Type automatic swing gate barrier is more commonly known as the ‘P Barrier’ and is designed as an access control gate for crowded areas where control of pedestrian or wheel chair movement is desired. The Barrier is neatly designed with a swing arm which allows one pedestrian or one wheelchair through at a time. It is 1025mm high with a steel body 200mm x 200mm and all steel is powdercoated in a colour to suit the customer.

    The unit comes complete with a mounting flange plate on the base so the installation is quick and easy. The control of the unit is complete with a logic control panel, photo electric cells for safety and a manual key to unlock the barrier in an emergency. The ‘P Barrier’ is easily adaptable and will interface with the various type of entry systems.


  • Full Height

    • Offers constant protection of premisses
    • Restricts access to authorised persons
    • No intimidation when linked to access control
    • Single and double configurations
    • Compatible with all known A.C. Systems
    • Hot dip galvanised for maximum corrosion protection
    • Stainless steel rotors
    • Silent trouble free operation
    • Bush in rubber block damping
    • Passage frequency +15 persons per minute
    • Painted to colours of your choice


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  • Waist Height

    Standard features:

    • 15 people per minute throughput
    • 100% duty cycle rating on mechanism and solenoids
    • Easily accessible controls housed in plug in module
    • Stainless steel spindles with steel frame powder coated grey silver/vein
    • On power failure the following functions are available:
      1. Locked entry -free exit
      2. Locked exit – free entry
      3. Locked in both directions
      4. Free wheel in both directions
    • 2 years unconditional guarantee on mechanism


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