Civic Series

The Civic series produces an exceptional fitting environment for home or inside a building. It is an enviable solution for elderly or for people who have deambulated difficulties. It can be used in the home, hospitals, nursing homes and so on. Civic brings the automated pedestrian door system to a wide public market that has been brewing interest for some time. Civic has been especially created to cater for such requirements. It optimises convenience, reliability and performance at reasonable prices. Civic moves the door at gentle speeds to avoid injury or risk of damage. It also comes either pre-assembled or in a assembly kit for professional installation. The basic model includes a push button control panel and an automatic closing speed adjusting device. See below for a sample application of a Civic automated pedestrian door.

Operation: Light duty
Max Capacity: 40kg (1 door wing) – 60kg (2 door wings)
Sliding: same as REX
Speed: 0.4m/s during opening, 0.2m/s during closing (1 wing)
Motor: 24Vdc with encoder, reversible, without lock
Force: 30N
Electronic Control Board: Built in with microprocessor
Outputs: 24V – max. 0.15A
Controls: Low-voltage, with telephone-type plug in connectors
Opening: Pushbutton or radar, photocells, etc.
Closing: Pushbutton or timed