Olly M

Secondly, the Olly M automatic door operator is to be designed for sliding doors up to 40kg. in weight and is to be a belt driven system with a geared motor and an electronic microprocessor which allows smooth movement with acceleration and braking similar to a traditional automatic sliding door. Thus the speed may accelerate to 0.4 metre / second and decelerate to 0.2 metre / second at the end of the run. The drive unit may be concealed or externally mounted as desired and is relatively simple to fit, even to existing doors mounted on existing track. The operator may be activated either by pushbutton or by movement or infrared sensors.

Olly M is a geared motor, with reduced size, suited to activate, through belt driving, any type of door featuring a straight movement.

Thanks to its highly sophisticated technology (the electrical control is controlled by a microprocessor), a smooth movement of the door is obtained, with acceleration and braking similar to traditional automatic door. This system is ideal to activate internal sliding doors, both standard and concealed. Olly is a “UNIQUE” product on the market and can be considered a real step forward in the field of automatic door systems.

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