New, multi-functional, solid, adaptable and noisless.
Wel is the new automation for automatic swing doors. Its distinctive features make it an all-purpose product which can be used in different operational situations:

  • with motor opening and closing
  • with motor opening and spring closing
  • on escape routes
  • on fire-proof doors
  • low energy for the disabled


Wel is a solid, hard-wearing, heavy-duty and noisless automation which can be used also on doors with two synchronized wings (master-slave function). Its new design makes Wel stand out for its elegant and clean lines.
Wel complies with the strictest European regulations.

Special functions:

  • Low energy
  • fireproof
  • escape routes – it can be fitted on escape routes thanks to the type-testing in progress according to DIN V 18650 directive
  • perfect movement synchronization, for two-wing automation, thanks to the serial connection between the automations(master-slave function)



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